Hello, I’m Flawed. 

I’m Flawedlad and this is my first post. I am yet to pick a niche, so for now I’ll go with the flow and hopefully with time, find my spot. 
Here’s a poem by yours truly….
Feel free to correct and criticize. 


Let me tell you a story…
Of one man’s rise from grass.
Slow, but steady; to heights hitherto unknown
With the firmament for glad rags.

Let me tell you the story…
Of one man’s pain and another’s gain.
Their diametric lives apposed, the yin-yang of existence
Hurting, but true; nature smiles on us in turns.

Let me tell you the age old story…
Of the man king and king beggar
Kin in blood and bone, strangers in fate
A gag in a tragic comedy inspired by breath.

Let me tell you my story…
Of piecemeal rise, punctuated by quantum falls.
What more is there to tell?
I am a man made of flaws, stitched together by good intentions.